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What Causes Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be localised or found throughout the face and body, and is caused by genetics, trauma to the skin, inflammation, or exposure to the sun.

1. Exfoliate Every Week

This will lift the pigmented cells from the skin and increase cell renewal.

We recommend Skin Juice Brightening Berry Exfoliating Gel - an intense brightening exfoliating mask.

2. Add Vitamin C Under SPF

Vitamin C can help prevent free radical damage, of which the sun is the #1 contributor. Add this powerful antioxidant vitamin c powder right before your SPF to give your sun protection a boost while brightening the skin.

We recommend Skin Juice Vitamin C Powder - a super-concentrated face powder formulated with L-ascorbic vitamin C powder, the purest and most stable form of vitamin C, to help neutralise the damaging effects of pollution, environmental stressors and free radicals

One Last Point

Sunscreen should be worn daily, no matter your location — indoors and outdoors.

Exposure to the sun breaks down our collagen and elastin, which can cause hyperpigmentation. Indoor UV exposure can occur from ultraviolet that penetrates through glass, that's why we recommend daily sunscreen application.

Exfoliation can be a great way to remove dead skin cells to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Incorporating Vitamin C into your morning skincare regimen is a good place to start as it's potent anti-oxidant that augments sun protection when combined with a broad based sunscreen. Most importantly in hyperpigmentation, it inhibits over-production of melanin.

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