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The Benefits of Using a Face Oil

No matter your skin type or condition you may be experiencing i.e. breakouts, dehydration, obvious flakiness etc, a good quality face oil can help to maintain and strengthen the barrier function to lock in hydration and leave skin more resilient. When your barrier function is in optimal health your skin will naturally glow.

So, what’s the one product that never misses a beat in my skincare regimen? A face oil that’s full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and here’s why...   

1. The Multipurpose Factor

You can use face oil as your daily moisturiser, but they’re also great to pop in your make up bag for retouches throughout the day—instead of adding more makeup, pat some oil on to revive the makeup you’ve already got on. I prefer to avoid the t-zone and concentrate on the cheeks and forehead.

On the topic of makeup, I love to mix 1-2 drops of my face oil with my foundation to create as much glow power as possible (however, be careful not to add too much as the flip side can be skin appearing oily). Or after applying your makeup, gently massage oil in the palms of your hand and press onto the skin. 

If you have a dry skin or you’re using any drying products to combat breakouts, then face oils can come in handy, layer these on top of your breakout treatment to help hydrate, sooth and protect the skin’s barrier function. If you’re wanting to nourish dry skin, ensure that your moisturiser is the last layer, put simply–your face oil should be the 1st layer as you want the oil as close to the skin as possible, then seal it in with your moisturiser.

2. They Heal and Nourish Even the Oiliest of Skins

As we age our skin’s natural oil production slows down, which can lead to our barrier function becoming impaired, and an impaired barrier function means water is lost from the skin, then the skin dries out, which can lead to dehydration and an increased oil production. We all know that, right? Dehydration means that the skin lacks water, and a dry skin usually indicates lack of oil–two very different things. So, when the barrier function is restored and back to its mighty self then the skin is better able to absorb the replenishing ingredients that reduce signs of premature aging.

And yes, an impaired barrier function can also occur with a combination and oily skin because when you place an oil on an oil it helps to stabilise the oil flow. Pretty cool, huh? Plus, oils tend to be plant based, which means they are non-comedogenic and won’t clog the pores. 

3. There’s no Better Feel

We all know what texture we like in a face moisturiser, if we don’t like the texture, we tend not to buy it. However, oils have a luxurious feel on the skin and are incredibly comforting feel on the skin. However if you do have an oilier skin then you’d probably opt for a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil, for example–the Rohr Remedy range has a great option. 

Here are two of my favourites: this one is from Skin Juice, the Superfood Face Oil. It's a fabulous nighttime face oil that's packed full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids to protect the skin from free radicals as well as smooth and brighten. And this one from Maya Chia is great for anyone who wants the benefits of a face oil but in an ultra-lightweight formula. The Supercritical Chia Face Oil quickly absorbs without any greasy feeling. 

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