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olio e osso organic balms



The all-natural multi-taskers.  

Olio E Osso Balms are a range of nourishing, organic beauty balms, versatile enough for use on both lips and cheeks. Created from all-natural beeswax, olive and shea oils, these multi-purpose products provide subtle yet buildable colour. Swipe on, layer and blend for an enviable glow. 

Whether you have a 10 step skincare routine or you’re a low key, rinse-and-go kind of person, there’s one beauty product that resides without fail in all of our routines: a moisturising lip balm.

Lip balm is iconic. It’s non-negotiable. It’s the often overlooked, regularly under-considered backbone to our beauty routines. The unsung hero, if you will.

olio e osso balms

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It’s not exactly news that we ingest an unsettlingly large amount of lip balm and lipstick over the course of our lives, but these days it’s also pretty common knowledge that there are a range of undesirable toxic metals that regularly make an appearance in the majority of your mainstream lip products.

That’s where organic lip balm comes in - a hero we can rely on. Or to be more specific, Olio E Osso balms. These versatile multi-purpose balms not only hydrate, but also add a subtle wash of colour and hydration to your lips (and cheeks!). They’re the beauty minimalist’s dream - on one hand, the ingredient list is short, sweet and all-natural: nourishing olive and shea oils, bound together with natural beeswax and grapefruit essential oil. On the other hand, the packaging is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your lips, allowing for super easy application, even sans mirror. And as if we needed more convincing - the brand counts both  Sofia Coppola and Gwyneth Paltrow as fans.

The colour palette of these natural lip balms is all-encompassing -  No.10 is your deep Autumn red,  No. 9 is bubblegum pink perfection (disclaimer: on the skin it provides a soft, delicate tint, nothing offensive), and  No.5 is  Gwyneth’s favourite - a deep currant shade that glides on the skin as a subtle wash of colour, easily buildable for more intensity and the perfect red wine hue. Simply swipe once across lips and cheeks, blend with fingers and go.  



Carly Rogers
Carly Rogers

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