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    Fast-Track Your Way to Fresh Pits

    Whilst many of us want to make the switch to natural deodorant, after years of spraying, rolling and blocking pores with traditional antiperspirants the transition to non-toxic well kind of… stinks!

    Often referred to as the Underarm Detox, this is the period where it’s not uncommon to experience an increase in wetness and a stronger odour. This can last from a couple of days to a few weeks and doesn’t mean your natural deodorant isn’t working, it’s just your body expelling excess product build-up that’s been trapped in your armpits (gross).
    Hang in there as aluminium free and fragrance free alternatives will be more effective longer term, helping to reduce odour and wetness. There are also some simple and natural ways to fast-track your Underarm Detox (thank you Universe!).


    1. Apply an Activated Charcoal + Bentonite Clay Mask

    An armpit mask that magnetically draws out impurities, clears skin and works to eliminate odour caused by bacteria is a great idea for someone who is wanting to made the transition. 


     2. Mind what you eat

    Opt for leafy greens for combatting body odour and try and stay from foods like like garlic, onion, caffeine, alcohol and pork. They can change the
     way your body odour smells, often making your sweat smell stronger.

     3. Wear natural fibres

    Maybe skip wearing the silk shirt this week and stick to 100% cotton or linen clothing. Unlike synthetic fibres cotton doesn’t harbor bad bacteria and trap body odour.  

    4. Dry off carefully after showering

    Bacteria loves moist environments so make sure you dry off well after showering. This will not only help prevent bacteria from growing, but also allow you to apply natural deodorant more effectively.

    5. Stay hydrated 

    Flush out those toxins and help prevent body odour by drinking lots of purified water throughout your day.

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